Daily house-made charcuterie -$6 ea./$17 for 3
Deviled eggs-done 3 ways -$5
Today’s soup is…delicious! -$7
Roasted cauliflower salad, toasted almonds, radish, scallion, sherry/sorghum vin -$12
Spring lettuces, red grapefruit, blue cheese, candied almond, shaved turnip, herb vin -$11



Sautéed soy bean hash, beets, glazed apple, pickled onion, popped sorghum -$17
Gulf shrimp & grits, tasso ham, okra, tomato ragout-$22
Market Fish, sautéed spinach, roasted chiles, lemon aioli, crispy shallots -$26
Smoked chicken, summer squash, house ricotta, blueberry gastrique -$19
Braised rabbit, house-made pasta, shiitake, spinach, shallot, garlic, cream, fine herbs -$24
Pork chop; grilled peach, red onion & cilantro slaw; peach mustard, cheddar tuile -$25
Flat iron steak (8 oz), shiitakes, grilled broccoli, garlic confit, fried chives, touch of soy -$24

SIDES (enough for two)

Cast iron scallion/jalapeño cornbread                                           $9 each
Falls Mill grits with bacon jam
Pot likker greens, smoked pork broth
Sweetwater Valley Buttermilk cheddar mac
Basmati dirty rice, tasso ham, trinity



Regional cheese trio -$14
Pot de crème, salted caramel sauce, caramel-bacon popcorn (gluten-free) -$7
Peach pie, ginger-pecan streusel, vanilla mousseline, bourbon peaches, pecan glass -$8
Hummingbird cake, rum syrup, buttermilk ice cream, pineapple marmalade -$8
Chocolate/strawberry pavé, strawberry preserves, buttermilk chantilly, chocolate crumb -$7
Baked Hawaii-coconut macaroon, hibiscus syrup, lemon sherbet, macadamia crumb -$7
Assorted ice creams and sorbets -$3
Scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream on any piece of pie or cake -$2


                                       Corkage and cake fees-$20 each