Daily house-made charcuterie  -$6 ea./$17 for 3
Deviled eggs-done 3 ways -$5
Chilled strawberry gazpacho, basil, toasted crouton -$7
Smokey pork spare ribs, Coca Cola BBQ sauce, kimchi, sesame -$11
Mixed heirloom tomatoes, feta, crispy olive, herb yogurt -$10



Baby beets, smoked chanterelles, wheat berries, grilled escarole -$14
Hot chicken, white bread, slaw, pickles, choice of grits or greens -$16
Shrimp & grits, tasso & roasted tomato stew -$19
Rainbow trout, tomato-fennel broth, crispy leeks. basil oil -$21
Chicken confit, chanterelles, grilled cabbage & corn, crispy shallots -$22
Pork chop, white bean & summer squash ragout, jalapeño, pickled blackberries -$23
Hanger steak, fingerling potatoes, bacon, horseradish-dill gribiche -$23
Bacon Cheeseburger-1/2 lb. Bear Creek beef, Provence bun, Benton’s bacon,                         SWV cheddar, house-made pickles, red onion, horseradish-mayo, hand-cut fries -$16


SIDES (enough for two)

Cast iron scallion/jalapeño cornbread                                           $9 each
Falls Mill grits with bacon jam
Pot likker greens, smoked pork broth
Sweetwater Valley Buttermilk cheddar mac
Jasmine dirty rice, tasso, trinity



Regional cheese trio, candied hazelnuts -$12
Cookies & cream ice cream, chocolate sandwich cookie -$6
Blueberry mousse cheesecake, blueberry compote, white chocolate sauce -$8
Fresh peaches & raspberries, cream-filled honey pound cake, peach sorbet -$8
Chocolate mousse, pretzel crust, butterscotch sauce -$8
Pot de crème, salted caramel sauce, caramel-bacon popcorn (gluten-free) -$7
Scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream on any piece of pie or cake -$2


                                       Corkage and cake fees-$20 each